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Bartolomeo Taliaferro

  • Born: 1510, Venice, Venezia, Veneto, Italy
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: 20 Sep 1602, , Somme, Picardie, France at age 92
  • Buried: 22 Sep 1601, St Olaves, , London, England 542

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The Origin of the Family of Taliaferro is the title of a sketch in The Virginia Magazine of History an Biography, vol. 77 - Jan.1969, published by Virginia Historical Society, Box 7511, Richmond, Virginia 23221 - 0311. The Editor being familiar with the name in the same spelling as the title above, recalling both families by the name and a street by the name, in city of birth, Tampa, Florida, is glad to pass on this contribution, or at least, a report of same for those who may be interested. Robert Talafero or Tolliver settled in Virginia by 1647. Speculation as to the origin of the name and its various spellings ranged from Scotland, England, France, Italy, etc. The authors were rewarded in their search to find that said Robert was the grandson of Bartholemew Taliaferro, subject of the Duke of Venice, who settled in London and was made denizen in March 1562. As might be expected, the family was of Italian origin, and search in proceeding, according to this article. Nine children of Barthoomew are listed with most dates. Included is the will of Bartholomew who named his wife, Jone, sons Scipio, Frances, Isack and Jeromme, daughter Elizabeth, 18 Sept. 1601. Jone was Joane Lane, as shown on the Pedigree of Taliaferro which is the last page of this sketch. This pedigree is from the Records of the College of Arms, London. The name is shown as spelled: Tallafar, Taliaferra, Taliaferro, in the pedigree; it is also or has been spelled Tolver and Tulliver.
TALIAFERRO OF EUROPE THE ORIGIN OF THE FAMILY OF THE TAILAFERRO by Sir Anthony Wagner and F. S. Andrus SPECULATION on the origin of Robert Talafero or Tolliver who settled in Virginia by 1647 has ranged from Scotland where the forms Tailler, Talfer, Telfer, and others are found form the thirteenth century onwards, throughout England where the forms include Tolver and Tulliver, through France to Italy where Taliaferra and Taliaferro are not uncommon. This meant that the surname is itself, being so widespread was of little use as a clue, and it was, therefore, with relief and gratitude for our good fortune that we found in the London area, the likeliest immediate place of origin for an early Virginia settler, references to members of a family of the name which appeared to fit the Virginia data perfectly. From these, as will be seen, the conclusion has now been reached that Robert the settler was the grandson of Bartholomew Taliaferro, a subject of the Duke of Venice, who settled in London and was made denizen in March 1562. Important points in favor of the identification were that this particular family of Taliaferro was the only one found mentioned in the probate records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and of London, and that after 1647 the name entirely disappeared from these probate records. Furthermore, letters of administration of the estate of Francis Talafero were granted on the 20th of August 1647 to his daughter Anne, not to his son Robert, as we might have expected had he been in England at the time. Robert was then aged twenty years and nine months. Finally, the emigrant called one of his sons Francis. It now remains to see if light can be thrown on the Italian origin and ancestry of Bartholomew and to this end further research is now proceeding:
Taliaferro Surname: Over the years many stories have been told regarding the origin of the Taliaferro name. Most of these stories are based on one, or the other, of two legends, and some are based on a combination of the two. So that the reader may better understand the origin of the name both of these legends follow:

THE FIRST LEGEND: The first and oldest legend dates back to the days of Julius Ceasar, in the year 58 B.C. During one of his campaigns, in that part of Gaul, now the northern part of Italy, Ceasar, while on an inspection trip of his camp, became separated from the rest of his party, and found himself surrounded by a tribe of Gallic Barbarians. Although Ceasar did not stand a chance in the fight which followed he did defend himself in such a manner as would be expected of such a great Roman warrior. One of the barbarians, who so admired the fighting ability and courage of Ceasar, stopped the fight, and Ceasar was spared.

Ceasar, in return for the saving of his life, took the barbarian into the Roman Camp and made him his personal Arms Bearer. This was a great honor for the barbarian, as the Romans did not permit outsiders to carry arms. It was part of the duty of the Arms Bearer to maintain and repair the arms.

Thus, from the fact that the barbarian became an Arms Bearer, he was given the name of "TALIEFER" or "TALIAFER", taken from the Latin words "TUTUM" meaning a dart or spear; and "FERRE" meaning to bear; "to bear arms."
This story would have it that some of the descendants of this Taliafer, the barbarian, later found their way north to France and England.

Years later there were in Italy families with the name of TAGLIAFERRO, and it is possible that they were the descendants of this barbarian. There is some belief that one Lawrence Tagliaferro left Italy about 1500-1515 and went to Scotland and it is also believed that from him the American Taliaferros descended.

THE SECOND LEGEND: This second legend seems the most plausible of the two, as it is based, in part, on several facts that can be found in the early history and literature of England.

This legend tells us that in the Cavalry of William the Conqueror, during the time of the invasion of England in 1066, was a Norman Knight that had great fighting ability. He would ride into battle singing songs of Roland and Charlemagne, all the while he would be tossing his large sword high in the air and then catch it as it came back down, while riding at full speed.

It is said that this Norman Knight had such great strength that he could, with one blow cut through the iron armour of his adversary and that his sword would then cut through the man. He became the hero of Hastings and for his service to William the Conqueror he was given large land grants in the County Kent (England) which descended to his posterity.

As a result of his fighting ability with the sword, this Norman Knight became known as "TALIFER" - "TAILFER" - "TALIAFERRO." (Found spelled several ways). Taken from the two Latin words: "TALIA" meaning to cut, and "FERO" (or FERRUM) meaning iron. Thus, the name Taliaferro, as it later came to be spelled in England means "Cutter of Iron" or "Iron Cutter."

We do not know at what point in history the name came to be spelled "Taliaferro". We do know that the family, the descendants of the Norman Knight called "Talifer", became deep seated in England, and that as time went by the name was anglocized, and that the pronunciation was changed from "Talia-Ferro" to that of "Toliver", with the spelling of "Taliaferro" being retained. Thus even before the name reached America it was spelled as Taliaferro but pronounced Toliver.

ROYAL CONNECTIONS: From the first Taliaferro (the Norman Knight) in England as early as 1066 there followed many descendants. One of these was Ayer de Taliaferro, Lord of Angouleme, who married Lady Alice de Courtney, and their daughter, Isabel de Taliaferro, became the wife of King John of England, about 1200.
By other marriages the Taliaferro family became united with Royal families of Scotland, Italy, Peter the 2nd of Constantinople, and others.

NATIONALITY OF THE NAME: There are as many claims as to what nationality we are as there are spellings and pronunciations of the name. Each of these claims, without regard to any other, have, a certain amount of truth, or at least reason to justify the belief.
For one to say that the name was Italian, basing this claim on the story, or legend, of the barbarian in 58 B.C., one would have to disregard many years of history. After some 1700 years, before the Emigrant, Robert Taliaferro arrived in America, the Italian blood would have long since run out. Regardless of this, the fact remains that his descendants became deep seated in England arriving there in 1066, and the name coming to America about 1638.
Therefore, as the name was in England some 572 years before coming to America, it would seem that to say the name was anything, other than English,would be in error, even though the name might have been of Italian origin. The Emigrant, Robert was ENGLISH, as we are AMERICANS.

Additional Information

TaliaferroFamily Geneaology

Descendants of Bartholomew Taliaferro

First Generation

1. Bartholomew TALIAFERRO was born in 1530 in Venice, Italy. He died on 21 Sep 1601 in St. Olave's, Hart St., London, England.

Bartholomew married Joane LANE on 1/22 Jan 1582 in St. Michaels, Cornhill, London, England. Joane was born in 1562 in London, England.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Francis TALIAFERRO 3 F ii Katherine TALIAFERRO was born on 29 Nov 1584 in London, England. 4 M iii Horatio TALIAFERRO was born on 16 Jan 1586 in London, England. 5 M iv Ciprion TALIAFERRO was born on 25 Feb 1587 in London, England. 6 M v Jacob TALIAFERRO was born on 18 Mar 1591/1592 in London, England. 7 M vi Isack TALIAFERRO was born on 18 Mar 1591/1592 in London, England. 8 F vii Elizabeth TALIAFERRO was born on 26 Aug 1594 in London, England. 9 M viii Bartholomew TALIAFERRO was born on 9 Dec 1596 in London, England. 10 M ix Jerome TALIAFERRO was born in 1598 in London, England.

Second Generation

2. Francis TALIAFERRO (Bartholomew ) died on 19 Aug 1647 in Stepney County, Middlesex, England.

Francis married Bennett HAIE on 3 Feb 1612/1613 in St. Saviour's, Southwark, Surrey, England. Bennett was born in 1589 in London, England. She died in Stepney, Middlesex, England.

They had the following children:

11 F i Elizabeth TALIAFERRO was born in England. 12 F ii Joane TALIAFERRO was born on 8 Dec 1614 in England. 13 F iii Sarah TALIAFERRO was born on 12 Jan 1614 in England. 14 F iv Rebecca TALIAFERRO was born on 3 Sep 1619 in England. 15 F v Frances TALIAFERRO was born on 30 Sep 1620 in England. 16 F vi Anne TALIAFERRO was born on 30 Dec 1621 in England. 17 M vii Francis TALIAFERRO was born in England. + 18 M viii Robert TALIAFERRO

Third Generation

18. Robert TALIAFERRO (Francis , Bartholomew ) was born on 11 Nov 1626 in Stepney, Middlesex, England. He died on 11 Nov 1670 in York,Gloucester, Virginia.

Robert married Catherine Dedman GRYMES daughter of Charles GRYMES and Katherine DEDMAN about 1653 in Virginia. Catherine was born in Middlesex County, Virginia. She died in Nov 1672 in Virginia.

They had the following children:

19 F i Catherine TALIAFERRO. 20 M ii Robert TALIAFERRO was born about 1652 in Virginia. 21 M iii Francis TALIAFERRO was born in 1654 in Virginia. + 22 M iv John TALIAFERRO 23 F v Mary TALIAFERRO was born about 1658 in Virginia. 24 M vi Richard TALIAFERRO was born about 1660 in Virginia. 25 F vii Sarah TALIAFERRO was born about 1660 in Virginia. 26 M viii Charles TALIAFERRO was born about 1663 in Virginia.

Fourth Generation

22. John TALIAFERRO (Robert , Francis , Bartholomew ) was born in 1656 in Gloucester, Virginia. He died on 21 Jun 1720 in Essex County, Virginia.

John married Sarah SMITH daughter of Lawrence SMITH and Mary HITCHON about 1680 in Caroline County, Virginia. Sarah was born about 1661 in York, Virginia. She died about 1720 in Essex County, Virginia.

They had the following children:

27 M i John Smith TALIAFERRO was born in 1687 in Virginia. 28 F ii Catherine TALIAFERRO was born about 1702 in Powhatten Plant, Essex Co., Va.. + 29 F iii Mary TALIAFERRO 30 M iv Richard TALIAFERRO was born about 1706 in Essex County, Virginia.

Fifth Generation

29. Mary TALIAFERRO (John , Robert , Francis , Bartholomew ) was born about 1703 in Powhatten Plant, Virginia. She died Snow Creek, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Mary married Francis THORNTON son of Francis THORNTON and Alice SAVAGE. Francis was born on 4 Jan 1681/1682 in Gloucester, Virginia. He died on 6 Feb 1736/1737 in Snow Creek, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

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Descendants of Bartholomew Taliaferro First Generation 1. Bartholomew TALIAFERRO was born in 1530 in Venice, Italy. He died on 21 Sep 1601 in St. Olave's, Hart St., London, England. Bartholomew married Joane LANE on 1/22 Jan 1582 in St. Michaels


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Alt. Death, 21 Sep 1601, St. Olave's, Hart St. London, England. 542


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