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Nancy Ann Nunn

John Mill Creek Hurst

  • Born: 27 Apr 1735, Orange, Virginia
  • Marriage: Nancy Ann Nunn on 27 Apr 1759 in Mill Creek, Shenandoah, Virginia
  • Died: 3 May 1817, Elks Bend, Claiborne, Tennessee at age 82
  • Buried: County graveyard near home at Elks Bend 728

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John Hurst was born in 1735 in Orange county VA. In 1759, Hurst married Nancy Nunn and had 9 children from this union.
In 1781, Hurst joined the Virginia militia and was stationed at Fort Pitt.
During the Revolutionary war, Fort Pitt served as the Western district Headquarters for the Continental army. Troops and supplies were gathered at Fort Pitt for the defense of the new Nation’s frontier. Fort Pitt was the supply depot for all western forts located near the forks of The Ohio River and the Alleghenies.
In 1774, Fort Pitt sent men to participate in the battle of Point Pleasant, the first battle of the Revolutionary war. The battle of Point Pleasant was part of Lord Dunmore’s war which started near Yellow Creek Pennsylvania when family members of Chief Logan were massacred by local settlers. This started Indian wars all along the Ohio River. Virginia militiamen stationed at Fort Pit would soon meet up with Chief Cornstalk of the Shawnee at the battle of Point Pleasant in West Virginia and defeat him. The Treaty of Charlotte ended Dunmore’s war causing the Shawnee to give up territory south of the Ohio which eventually led to the formation of the state of Kentucky.
During the years of 1778-1782, Virginia militiamen would attack Indian settlements in Pennsylvania at the Indian towns of Conewego, and the Sewickley, and along the Sandusky River in Ohio. Hurst would participate in the expeditions to the Sandusky River in 1781. There they attacked the Shawnee villages burning them to the ground. For this action the Shawnee attacked and burned the town of Hannistown Pennsylvania in 1782. Hannistown is a famous town in Pennsylvania because it is where the Hannistown Resolutions, Pennsylvania’s first Declaration of Independence was signed and ratified on May 16, 1775, almost a year and two months before the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia.
After the war in 1782, Hurst would move to Russell County Va. In 1789, Nancy his first wife would die. Later that year Hurst would marry Elizabeth Breedwell. From this Union he would have 8 children. This made a total of 17 children Hurst would have between the two marriages. In 1803, Hurst would move to Elk’s bend located on the Powell River in Claiborne County. By 1810, his sons Thomas and Elijah moved to Claiborne County to be near their father in order to care for him. In 1817, at the age of 83, a tree fell on Hurst killing him. Hurst was buried in the Elk Bend cemetery close by. Today Hurst has thousands of Descendents living in the Claiborne county TN region and the Bell County KY region.

HURST-From Leckhamstead (England) to Masseyville, (TN), the southeast corner of Chester County, once part of McNairy County, lies the Hurst Nation (historical marker located on Highway 45, near Bethel Springs, honors this family).

Henry Hurst and wife, Ann Beeler, three sons (John, our line) and family members migrated to America 1730-1732, settling in VA (Spotsylvania-which later became part of Orange and later Frederick County). Counties constantly changed. Frederick became Shenandoah and finally Page County.

Our John Hurst (b.-1703, d.-1747) was already married to Jane Beeler (probably related to Ann Beeler-marriage between cousins was common). John died in Frederick County. We know the name of his son, John "Mill Creek" Hurst, born in VA (Orange County).

John "Mill Creek" Hurst (b.-1735, d.-1817) married Nancy Nunn on April 27, 1759, daughter of Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Burton. Children: John, Henry, *Thomas, George, *Elizabeth, Absalom, Jesse, James, and Elijah. Elijah was born after a time lapse of ten years. His mother was around 40, when she died 1786.

John "Mill Creek" married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Breedwell on August 5, 1789. Children: Nancy, Joseph, William Rhoda, Mary, Rachel (born 1802), Issac (born 1804), and Susan or Susanna (born 1806). John "Mill Creek" is buried near his home in Elks Bend, VA (Claiborne County). Elizabeth sold out to John Hurst 1822-1823 and moved with her children to Indiana (Putnam County), joining stepsons, Jesse and Absalom. She is buried at Deer Creek Cemetery.

Elijah (b.-1785) was born in VA (Shenandoah County; he married Margaret Breeding. (*Thomas and Elizabeth married Breedings too; roots in England--name spelled Breedin.) Children: Arthur (b.-1808), Fielding (b.-1810), David (b.-1813), Elza (b.-1816), S. Young "Thomas Jefferson" (b.-1824), Martha (b.-c.1822), Eliza Chapman (c.1829), Millie (c.1835), and Louretta Huddleston.

Elza (b.-1816, d.-1873) married Sarah Lucretia Overall (b.-1822). Elza was born in TN (Claiborne County) and came to McNairy County while in his teens. Their home was in Masseyville near Little Hatchie Primitive Baptist Church on present day Tucker Road.He was first to be buried in Hurst Cemetery. Children: Elijah (b.-1839), William (b.-1841), James (b.-1845), Jacob (b.-1847), Synnet (b.-1851), Andrew Jackson (b.-1852), Mary Ann (b.-1855), Elza (b.-1859), and Orlena.

Elijah (b.-1839, d.-1932) was born at Masseyville. He married Charlotte Redman Hendrix (b.-1836, d.-1939), born Smithville, TN, widow of Joshua Hendrix, daughter of Harmon and Polly (Mary) Redman. Elijah and Charlotte (Charity) had four children: Martha Frances (b.-1872, d.-1923), Fielding (b.-1874, d.-1902), Elijah Senate (b.-1877, d.-1949), and Harmon Elza (b.-1882, d.-1955).

Harmon Elza married Etta Roseanna Maness (b.-1883, d.-1974), daughter of William Maness and Roseanna Davidson. Harmon graduated from business school (1901) at Corinth, MS. He served as twelfth district magistrate. He and Etta lived, raised seven children, and died in the same house.

The first Hurst arrived in 1618 from England to Virginia. On June 14, 1986, they were officially recognized as "founding fathers" during flag day ceremonies in Washington D.C. Proudly, Hurst descendents have been or are still active in military for the USA.

"Mill-Creek" John Hurst was nicknamed for the area in which he resided in Virginia. He was one of the first settlers to move into Claiborne County, Tennessee around 1803-04.

After 1833, several descendants of "Mill-Creek" John's son, Elijah, settled in McNairy County, Tennessee.

During the Civil War, members of the Hurst family served in both the Confederate and the Union Armies. Five of Elijah's six sons served the Union under Elijah's second son, Fielding Hurst , Sixth Tennessee Cavalry, a Union regiment. The Hursts controlled a large parcel of land in McNairy County which included Woodville, Masseyville and Mount Gilead. This area was known as THE HURST NATION and served as an enclave for Union sympathizers, thus enabling the Hursts to control many routes from the Tennessee River to Memphis.

History of Hursts In Putnam County Indiana
Recorded 8 April 2010

Hurst Files
Written in 1902 by By Jas. K.P. Hurst Belle Union, Putnam Co., Indiana Aug. 1902

BF Hurst Files.

The Hurst Genealogy (2 stands for John's children, 3 for his grand children)

When the Hursts decided to hold a reunion the call was made for all the
descendants of John Hurst Sr., of Powell's Valley Tenn., to meet and set the
time and place. We realized that all could not attend that meeting, but a
few gathered at Mt. Meridian and set Aug. 9th, 1900, the place to be near
Mt. Meridian.

They requested me to write a genealogy of John's family. The first
information that we can get is that he was born about the year 1735 in the
Shenandoah Valley, Va. He was of Irish descent and fought in behalf of the
colonies for their independence. In the early settlement of the country he
moved to Claiborn [sic] Co. Tenn., and settled on Elk Bend on Powell's
River, about nine miles northeast of Tazwell, and died there. The date of
his death is not known. He was married twice and was the father of
seventeen children. His first marriage was to Nancy Nunn, and to them were
born nine children: Jesse, Elijah, George, James, John, Absolem, Henry,
Thomas and Elizabeth. His second marriage was to Lizzie Biddle, and to them
were born eight children: William, Isaac, Joseph, Mary, Rachel, Nancy, Rhoda
and Susan.

(2) Elijah moved to west Tenn. (3) Abraham, son of Elijah, came to
Indiana, raised a family and then moved toAndrew Co., Mo., where his
descendants now live. Elijah moved to Ill in 1828 and had 2 more sons (3)
John and (3) Nicholas. Clark County, Ill.

(2) George moved to Jassimine County, Ky., and raised a large family, in
the latter part of his life he moved to Missouri.

(2) John bought the home farm in Elk Bend. Some of his descendants are now
living in Harlan county, Kentucky.

(2) Henry was born in 1760, died 1844. He was married to Elizabeth Kiser
and to them were born, (3) Harmon, Andrew, Elisha, Esther, Elizabeth and
Samuel H.

(2) Thomas married Sylvana Breeden, and to them were born, (3) Aaron,
Sylvia, Hiram, Thompson, Sympson, Fetna, Nancy, Olly and two others whose
names are not known. The descendants are all separated, some living in
Claiborn Co., Tenn, some in Conway, Ky., some in Missouri, some in
Springfield, Ill. and some in Pennington Gap, Va.

(2) Elizabeth married Jerry Breeden. Most of their descendants live in
Claiborne County Tenn. Wm. Breeden of Putnam county is one of them.

(2) Jesse was born in 1778 and died in 1853. He was married in Shenandoah
county Va. to Nancy McCarty, Feb. 17th 1795, and raised a family of ten

(2) Absolom was born June 19th, 1790, died Sept 5th, 1843, in Shenandoah
County. He was married there to Catherine McCarty, who was born Jan. 28th,
1772 and died April 20th, 1858, the dates being taken from her monument.
Date of marriage, Aug. 30th, 1791. They raised a family of seven children.
Jesse and Absolom and their families and the widow of John Hurst, Sr., and
her family except one, came to Putnam county Ind. in 1822. The widow lived
several years and died and was buried at Deer Creek cemetery. The children
of Jesse Hurst were, James, George, Elizabeth, David, Pleasant, Burton,
Catherine, Lucy A., Pernety and Harmon. James died in Tenn.

(3) George Hurst was born July 25th, 1799 and died April 8th, 1865. He was
married to Elizabeth Hibbs, Mar. 17th, 1825. To them were born Amos,
Burton, Isom, Mahlon, George W., Jesse, Calvin, Melissa, Mariah, Lydia and

(3) Elizabeth Hurst was married to Mahlon Hibbs. To them were born James,
William N., Nancy, Rachel, Catherine, Jesse, Pleasant and Mahlon.

(3) David Hurst was born Oct. 5th, 1803. Married Cynthia Johnson. To them
were born Jesse, Mary, James, Bradford, Jefferson and David.

(3) Pleasant Hurst was born Dec. 1st, 1805. Died unmarried and was buried
at Deer Creek Cemetery.

(3) Catherine Hurst was born Feb. 4th, 1810, died Sept, 7th 1875. Was
married to Hiram Stanley, Feb. 16th, 1832. To them were born Nancy E.,
Lucinda, Pernety J., and Lucy A.

(3) Lucy A. Hurst was born March 8th, 1812, died July 13th, 1875. Was
married to H.H. Dobbs, May 1st, 1834. To them were born Sallie A., Joel,
Nancy J., Bethena, David, Orlena, Syntha, Martha A., Elizabeth, George, Mary
and Lucy A.

(3) Pernety Hurst was born about 1814, and married James Hurst. To them
were born, Nancy E., William R. and Lucy A.

(3) Harmon Hurst was born about 1816. Married Mary Turner and moved to
Arkansas where most of his descendants now live.

The children of Absalom Hurst were, Elizabeth, Elijah, Nelly, Lucinda,
Margaret, Valetie and Mary.

(3) Elizabeth hurst was born Jan. 23rd, 1794, died Sept. 3rd, 1858. Was
married to John Cotton without issue.

(3) Elijah Hurst married Mary Harbard. He died and his family moved to

(3) Nellie Hurst, who died Feb. 10th, 1865, aged 61, married David Mulnix,
and to them were born, Preston, Maston, Martha, Mary, Menter, Phiena,
Christina, Liberty and Newport.

(3) Lucinda Hurst married Wm. Harbard, and to them were born, Mary,
Salettie, Elijah, Matthew, Sarrilda, John and Joseph. All are dead but
Elijah who lived at Petersburg, Ind.

(3) Margaret Hurst was born Aug. 13th, 1800, died Aug. 25th, 1853. she
married Caleb Buis in 1818, and to them were born, Sarah A., Russell, James,
William R., Doctor, Lewis M., Mary C., Jane, Caleb F., Levi.

(3) Salletie Hurst was married to Joseph Worley and moved to Texas. Their
children were, Brier C., Elizabeth, Lucinda, James H., John W., Matilda,
William A., and Sarah E.

(3) Mary Hurst was born Mar. 4th, 1808 and died Sept. 7th, 1899. Married
Henry Nosler, and to them were born, Shannon, Boston and Henry. These are
all dead without issue.

We are now ready to take up the second family of John Hurst, Sr.

(2) William Hrust was born July 10, 1796, died Oct. 8, 1849. Was married
to Fanny Nunn and to them were born Jackson, Jefferson, Claiborne, Levi,
Washington and Malinda.

(3) Jackson Hurst was born July 11, 1816. To them were born, William S.,
Nancy J., George, Fanny M., Squire J., Pleasant C., Marion M., Levi,
Columbus J., Malinda C., Louisa M., and James B. His second marriage was to
Eliza J. Hunter, Sept. 8, 1880. To them was born Ida.

(3) Jefferson Hurst was born Mar. 28, 1824, died Sept. 19, 1888. He first
married Eliza Vowel, Dec. 24, 1844. To them were born, Martin C., William,
James H., Squire J., Levi, George W., Benjamin F. and Mary J. His second
wife was Mary Tilley, to whom he was married Sept. 1, 1881. To them were
born Joseph B., and Flossie M.

(3) Claiborne, Washington, and Levi Hurst grew to manhood and died

(3) Malinda Hurst married Henderson Wright.

(2) Isaac Hurst married Lena Johnson and to them were born, Henderson,
John, and Carter. Moved to northeast Texas where his descendants now live.

(2) Joseph Hurst married Rhoda McNew, and moved to Missouri. Was a soldier
in the War of 1812.

(2) Mary Hurst married Peter Cotton, and to them were born, Benjamin,
James, Susanna, Isaac, and John.

(2) Rachel Hurst married John Hill and remained in Claiborn Co., Tenn.

(2) Nancy Hurst, who died Aug. 18, 1859, married John McCammack, Sr. To
them were born, Lucinda, Robert, Mariah, Catherine, Samuel, and Emmalissa.

(3) Lucinda McCammack married James McCammack, and to them were born John
M., Nancy E., Henry, Amanda, Catherine, Samuel and Mary.

(3) Robert McCammack was born Jan. 8, 1817, died Feb. 4, 1892. Married
Dellilah Jones, Dec. 14, 1836. To them were born Mary E., John L., Mariah,
William R., Emily, James H., Julia, Hiram M., Godfrey and Sarah K.

(3) Mariah McCammack was born May 5, 1821, died July 28, 1888. married
John McCammack in 1844. To them were born, Thomas, Elizabeth, Joel, Jane,
Hiram, Pina, Martha, Oma, John W., Robert, and Tobor.

(3) Catherine McCammack was born Jan. 8, 1824, died May 31, 1860. Married
William N. Allee in 1843. To them were born, Jasper, Jane, John P., Silas,
and Mary.

(3) Hiram McCammack was born June 5, 1826, and was married twice. He was
first married to Nancy Grimes, Aug. 15, 1846. To them were born, America,
James, Missouri, Lutitici, Emmalissa, Charles, Joseph and Abraham. His
second marriage was to Martha J. Jones, Sept. 2, 1862. To them were born,
Emily C.J., John H., Sarah M., and Robert W.

(3) Mary McCammack married Cyrus Bryand, and to them were born, Louisa,
Julia A., Jane Myra, Alice, Angeline, Andrew, Montie, Abraham, Franklin and

(3) Matilda McCammack was born June 6, 1831. Was married to Silas [last
name missing where page is torn], Jan.1, 1847. To them were born, John,
Lucy, William, Anderson, Nancy [rest of page missing]

(2) Rhoda Hurst married Henry Poe, and to them were born, Elijah, Preston,
Theresa A., and several others whose names are not known. Moved to the

(2) Susan Hurst married Joseph McCammack, and to them were born William,
Russell, Lucinda and Rachel.

The Hursts have lived 78 years in Putnam county. Their general deportment
and conduct in life has been such that we should all feel proud of the name

By Jas. K.P. Hurst Belle Union, Putnam Co., Indiana Aug. 1902


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• MilitaryService: Served during the Revolutionary War. 728


John married Nancy Ann Nunn, daughter of Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Burton Wharton, on 27 Apr 1759 in Mill Creek, Shenandoah, Virginia. (Nancy Ann Nunn was born in 1736 in , Shenandoah, Virginia and died in 1786 in Mill Creek, Shenandoah, Virginia.)

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